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  • About Senpai Oke

    Senpai Dan Oke is the head instructor of Keirin Dojo and has been a student of the Classical Martial Arts Centre (CMAC) since 2008, training in the Goju (Hard and Soft) style of Karate, Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Fist) and Kobudo (Weapons/Ancient Martial Arts). He is a sandan (third degree black belt) in Karate, has obtained his instructor level 2 (Niei Chi) for Tai Chi and his first degree black belt in Kobudo (ancient weapons program).

    He began a three year apprenticeship program in 2012 under Hanshi Wallace Platt, and has been running the Keirin dojo since September 2015. His training has included instructing, assisting and training in Karate, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Tai Chi and Kobudo, with both children and adults, six days a week. Kohai Oke has also taken two trips to China with CMAC to train in Tai Chi and Kung Fu in order to better understand the roots of Karate-Do (empty hand way).

    Before becoming a martial artist, Senpai Oke had been working with children, youth and adults with and without special needs through the City of Burlington Diversity Department and Autism Ontario. With the additional guidance of Hanshi Platt, Senpai has taken the skills he learned and applied them to his martial arts program, which welcomes anyone to experience the benefits of a CMAC program.

    In addition to his full time dojo hours, Senpai also teaches tai chi classes at various senior’s homes, several daycares and has taught at two notable private schools in Oakville. He continues to train with Hanshi Platt every week to further his own development in the martial arts.

  • About CMAC

    Classical Martial Arts Canada (CMAC) is a Canadian Martial Arts organization created to assist affiliated professional and semi-professional Martial Arts Schools. As a governing body for grading black belts and ensuring the levels of knowledge and proficiency standards remain high, on-going training and development of associated instructors and their students is its top priority.

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  • Goju Ryu Karate

    The words Goju Ryu mean hard and soft tradition. “Go” is the Japanese word for hardness and “Ju” is the word for softness. Ryu means style or tradition. The system is based on the Oriental concept that all hardness and stiffness is not good,
    and at the same time all softness and too much gentleness is not good.
    Goju Ryu reflects the concept of Yin and Yang — that these two opposites should complement each other. It is this complement of hard and soft which gives Goju Ryu its beautiful, disciplined movements, filled with grace, flowing forms, and strength. Actions are sometimes extremely fast and other times slow and majestic. Goju Ryu utilizes an aggressive style of attack with emphasis on delivering blows hard but with easy effort and in rapid succession, maneuvering not only forwards but also from side to side. However an essential aspect to Karate-Do is the emphasis on the use of physical Force only as an absolute final option and of course only for defensive purposes.

  • Tai Chi Chuan

    Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese art of self-defence, conceived as a series of soft, slow, and flowing sequences of movement specifically designed to cultivate and direct the internal power that circulates through one’s system, which improves the practitioners’ health, and provides a source of energy for self defence. This internal power, the foundation to all life is termed Chi and is unlike external or physical energy. Chi is formless, limitless, and most importantly for self defense, can be applied in a much more focused, and concentrated manner than physical energy.


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