Our Programs

adult and kids karate classes

Children’s/Pre School Karate-Do Program

Starting a child in the martial arts, even as young as 2½ years, definitely gives them the advantage on many levels. For the pre-schooler, it offers a first-time experience in a structured setting (without a parent present), learning how to follow instructions, interact with peers, develop a sense of self-control and personal discipline. The confidence gained so early in their little lives definitely prepares them for their school-world ahead. For children already in school, they continue to develop their listening skills, and ability to focus and follow through on directions. For all our children, increased confidence and self-esteem is clearly a personal goal as this is always the foundation for success in life – belief in oneself! Street-proofing and self defence are also a significant part of their martial arts training providing them with the tools, skills, and awareness of potentially unsafe scenarios that could present themselves at school, on the playground, or possibly anywhere in their daily lives.

Adult Karate-Do Program

Karate-do is a system of Self-defence. Core to Program I is Goju Ryu Karate-do. Emphasizing full body training of basic skills of blocks, punches, strikes, and kicks in addition to traditional goju kata (forms/patterns) with additional foreign kata (other styles). To balance out the distance training of karate, jiu jitsu (grappling art) is incorporated for in-close attacks and self-defence. Manoeuvring and fluidity skills are developed through aikido. A full comprehensive program to excite, inspire, and challenge the mind and body.

Tai Chi Chuan Program

Overall health and wellbeing is our mandate at CMAC. Core to Program II is Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Emphasis on using energy within and around us to enhance our inherent healing abilities through Chi Kung exercises and using the gentle flowing movements of several Tai Chi sets including tai chi sword.